Tuesday, April 8, 2014

New Release ~ Burn 5

It is two years later. Abby Holt is a fugitive in Mexico City, running from an overzealous FBI agent who is determined to see her back in prison. Above all, she only desires one thing – to find Devon Fisher, the love of her life, who disappeared inexplicably off the face of the Earth.

Devon, on the other hand, still has amnesia. He is living it up in Australia, blissfully unaware of Abby’s existence. He is married to Claire. They have a baby on the way.

But the time must come for everything to collide. Devon will have to face the mind-bending truth and choose one woman – the mother of his child, or Abby, the love of his life.

This is the fifth and final book in the BURN series.


Burn 5


The pretty house drew up at the end of the lane. It was painted a pastel yellow, with blue roofs and it had a swimming pool with a gazebo.

Taylor said, “Your wife isn’t home, is she?”

Devon didn’t want to disillusion her. Just yet.

“Wouldn’t you like to find out?” he said with a secret smile.

“How long have you been married?” She indicated the ring on his fourth finger. It was a simple gold band, inscribed with their wedding date.

“Just about a year and a half.”

“Oh, newlyweds.”

He glanced at her quizzically. “Not really.”

“Where did you meet?”

His wife had filled him in on the details. Otherwise, Devon wouldn’t have remembered it.

“In America. We are both Americans. We met at Starbucks.”

“Starbucks! Not at a bar?”

“Nope. Apparently, we share the same cappuccino tastes, and so we started to talk and exchange notes on the mocha caramel latte. One thing led to another, and here we are.”

There was a lot in between, Devon knew. He had been trying to catch up on all the times in the past two years.

“That’s it? No torrid sex stories? No skeletons in the closet? No jilted lover in the wings?”

Apparently not.

“Nope. Just a normal, boring courtship.”

Actually, the sex was pretty torrid.

“You don’t strike me as the type to get married.”

“Oh, really? Why not?”

“You’re too young, for one. And – ” Her hand strayed to his crotch again.

He laughed as he put the car in park. Taylor looked up apprehensively.

“Are you sure your wife isn’t at home?”

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Thursday, March 27, 2014

New Release ~ The Alpha Men's Secret Club


My eyes adored you.

For a while, it seemed that was all plus-sized Kate Penney would ever do to her strikingly handsome, extremely enigmatic and unknowable college Professor, Rust O’Brien. She can only admire him from the darkness of a crowded lecture hall, steeped in the knowledge that he would never, ever look at someone like her.

And why should he, right? First of all, she is a student. Second, she is far from being the tall, willowy blonde most guys seem to prefer.

Then her best friend, Michaela, chances upon a secret fraternity the Professor appears to part of: THE ALPHA MEN’S CLUB.

On first glance, the club simply doesn’t exist. Then Kate trails Rust O’Brien to this club one night. What she encounters is a scorchingly hot adventure of domination, mystery and alpha males who all seem to want only two things: her body and her absolute surrender.

This is a standalone 18,000 word paranormal romance novella.

He stared at her flushed face. Her breasts. Belatedly, she tried to tuck them into her bra cups, but it wasn’t easy. The cups were too small and even Rita had required some expertise to ease her large tits into them.

“Don’t bother doing that,” he said.

Her trembling hands paused. What did he mean, exactly?

He took two strides towards her. She tensed. She should be afraid of him, really. He was so intense, and he was a shapeshifter. He was an exotic paranormal being. She should run out of here and never look back, and yet . . . she was strangely excited. More excited than she had ever been in her brief life.

Her pussy clenched, contracting painfully. Contracting with want, with need.

He seized her arms. Her breasts heaved. Oh, she so badly wanted him to touch them. He did not disappoint her. He grabbed them – those sleek, big globes of flesh. His grip was painful, and so tears came into her eyes. He was touching her – her Professor. The man she desired more than anyone else in the world. She was elated, exhilarated, terrified and in the height of anticipation all at the same time.

She could only stare into his lovely green eyes as his hands kneaded her breasts, tweaked her nipples. Blood rushed into her areolas, giving them a red tinge.

“Is this want you want?” Hs voice was still harsh. There was glittering desire in his eyes, nevertheless. And conflict. Why was he conflicted? Because she was his student?

Did he even know who she was – the wallflower who stood in the fringes of his crowd, who never said a word? She was confused and unsure. His words suggested he had an inkling of who she was, and yet, she still wasn’t sure. She could only play this out.

“Y-yes,” she gasped.

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Monday, March 17, 2014

New Release ~ Strange Moon Part Two


“Oh, wow! This book had me on the edge of my seat. I didn't know what was going to happen next. And the twist at the end has me hungering for book two!!” June Le Claire, Amazon

“I couldn't stop reading to the end and just when I started to think I had the story figured out, a twist throws me back in the dark.” Terry, Amazon

“The author brilliantly crafted a story that was mysterious and kept up a level of suspense and intrigue that had me madly turning the pages. The developing romance between the main characters was very well done.” Lexi, Amazon


The threats to them have been made real. Ada and Dylan wake up in their beds with ropes around their wrists and no memory of what happened the previous night – just like all the other victims of Sonequa, that strange little town where time stands still.

But Ada’s self-confidence has been shaken after the ‘attack’. She has always been a strong woman, and now . . . she isn’t so sure. She has a sudden fear of intimacy with Dylan, and it is too soon into their newfound relationship to weather that. To top it off, she has just lost her job due to her failure to return within her crazy boss’s stipulated time.

Her world is crashing down around her.

Unless . . . she does something about it, together with Dylan, and finds the man or men who did this to them.

This 33,000-word paranormal romantic suspense mystery is Part Two, which is the final part of ‘Strange Moon’.

Strange Moon: Part One
Strange Moon: Part Two (complete)

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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

New Release ~ Strange Moon: Part One

For a while, Ada Munro thought her estranged sister, Alice, was going crazy. Why would Alice claim that she woke up with blood stains on her nightgown, and then offer no evidence to suggest that she had been attacked?

But then, the werewolf town of Sonequa is equally strange. Isolated from the rest of the modern world, they live a religious and medieval but peaceful existence.

Until another woman delivers the same story. And another. And another.

Why do the victims have no recollection of being attacked? Why does a woman dream of a demon in a field, and then wake up in her bed with grass in her hair? Why have the other people in the house not awakened when these strange crimes were supposedly committed?

When her sister is accused of having a 'flight of feminine fancy', Ada takes it upon herself to uncover the mystery before the perpetrator strikes again.

Enter Dylan McCoy, a handsome Pulitzer Prize winning journalist who is sent to write a piece on Sonequa. He strikes up an immediate kinship with Ada, the only other outsider in town. But when a woman accuses him of being the perpetrator of the crimes, everything unravels, and Dylan and Ada must fight for his innocence and, indeed, his very survival.

Loosely based on true events, this 40,000-word paranormal romantic suspense mystery is Part One of 'Strange Moon'. Part Two will be released on March 20th, 2014.

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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

New Release ~ Burn 4

It is six months later. Everything is bleak in Abby and Devon’s world. Devon is in a coma, and Abby has been hauled off to prison to serve time for manslaughter.

Then Devon wakes up.

But the world he wakes up to is not the one he left behind. For starters, he doesn’t remember anything or anyone from that previous world. The bleeding in his brain has ravaged more than he thought possible. It left him without memory.

Thank goodness for his best friend, Richard Krieg, who takes him in and nurses him. There is no better man than Richard, who can only have Devon’s best interests at heart.

Abby is in prison, but her nightmares and premonition tell her something is terribly wrong out there. Devon is in danger. And if she wants him to live, she must do the only thing she can.


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Thursday, January 9, 2014

New Release ~ The Alpha Dating Game

All Jessica Dent wants is for someone to love her the way she is – every luscious ounce of her big, beautiful frame, the way her super-thin best friend, Lyla, seems to love her. But the college boys are picky and unkind.

Then Lyla registers Jessica on a website called BIG BEAUTIFUL DATING. Jessica is terrified, until she gets ONE response: from gorgeous, too-good-to-be-true Kyle. It’s impossible to the low self-esteemed Jessica that he seems to want her, but he does!

Handsome Kyle is poised to take over his father one day as the Alpha of his proud werebear clan. But he must prove himself first by selecting and indoctrinating an innocent Rubenesque girl into the most sacred of his clan’s rituals. It is a mysterious, erotic and yet deadly ritual which must be performed or the repercussions will be dire.

But Kyle is rapidly falling in love with the radiant Jessica, who has been marked by his father. He must now make an awful choice: Jessica, or the continuation of everything his family holds dear.

This is a complete novel without cliffhangers!

Kyle made sure he arrived early at Spago’s. He had booked a private table for two which was nestled to the side, overlooking the garden. Very romantic. It was lit by a single fat candle in glass cup and decked with white napkins folded in the shapes of swans.

He kept looking at the entrance. Some irrational core of him hoped she wouldn’t show up. Couple after well-dressed couple came in were shown their tables by the effusive hostess, who now and then glanced over at him. She was checking him out, he knew. He grimaced. He had that effect on women and not all of it was welcome.

Then at eight sharp, Jessica Dent showed up. He recognized her immediately from her photo. Only now he was even more stunned.

She was gorgeous.

Her black dress was the type which flowed over and caressed her body in feminine swirls. And yes, she wasn’t the type of girl Sports Illustrated would feature on their swimwear edition, but too many people in this world had the wrong feminine ideal of a perfect woman. He was thankfully not one of them.

The hostess seemed surprised when she asked for his name. She glanced over and then back again as she gathered two menus. Kyle stood up as the hostess made her way over with Jessica, who seemed nervous. His own pulse was rising.

I can do this.

When they were within earshot, he smiled broadly and held his hand out.

“Hi, I’m Kyle.”

“Hi. I’m Jessica.”

She appeared quite flustered to see him. And also surprised. She probably didn’t expect him to match his photo profile. What was the point of lying about these things, right? You’d only be exposed on the first minute of your first date.

Her hand was quite cool when she took his. Still, he felt a little electric tingle from her touch and a very strong sexual charge which she probably was not aware she was giving off. He was pleasantly surprised. He didn’t expect this type of reaction from his own body.

He found that he could not take his eyes off her. Nor she him. In the periphery of his vision, he saw the hostess walk away in a polite huff.

Her eyes. They were swimming with swirls of color and emotion. He thought he could read hesitancy and hope and angst and delight all simmering within. Or maybe it was because he had underestimated his reaction to her. But they were lovely eyes. Beyond lovely, in fact. They were the type of eyes he could drown in forever.

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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Giveaway ~ The Alpha's Touch Boxed Set (14 Book Bundle)

The fabulous authors (including me) of this new boxed set are having an awesome giveaway...

The Alpha's Touch Boxed Set (14 Book Bundle)

Only $0.99 for a limited time

Deliciously dominant and wickedly possessive, alpha males are the ultimate lovers. Experience the dark passion of an alpha's touch in this exclusive box set. This collection brings you 14 of the hottest alpha male romance stories ever told! 

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