Friday, July 4, 2014

The Alpha Men's Secret Club 4: Intrigue

The Alpha Men's Secret Club 4: Intrigue

Rust O’Brien’s world is falling apart. He is accused of murdering the heir to one of the richest men in the country . . . and he is not completely sure he is innocent.

Very troubling are his lapses of memory. What happened on the night of the murder? Rust remembers his ravenous blood lust for Kate’s curvy body and fleeing from her before he can harm her. But what happened afterward? Did he in his blood lust kill Teddy Mitchell?

As Rust and Kate try to piece together the mystery, salvation comes in the guise of a reporter who has evidence that may absolve Rust. But she has a calculative demand. She threatens to expose the secret shifter community to the world unless Rust gives her what she wants.

Rust and Kate have to make a terrible choice.


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The Alpha Men's Secret Club 4: Intrigue


Rita found herself taking three quick paces back to hide behind the tree again. She fumbled in her jacket for her gun. She might have to defend herself if things got rough.

The tiger shuddered, sighed, and then went back to sleep again. Rita heaved a sigh of relief. She really, really didn’t want to have to use that gun on anyone or anything tonight.

Then something weird happened.

That was the only way Rita could describe it. Weird.

The tiger began to transform, like in all the legends of old. Its fur withdrew and melted into pale flesh. Its limbs lengthened and became human-like. Its ears retracted. What he became in a span of seconds totally floored Rita, and her hand shook as she trained the aperture of the cellphone camera on the whole scene.

She was so glad she was recording this, because she sensed no one would believe her otherwise. And even then, they were bound to question the validity of the video footage.

The sleeping human form which appeared at the end of the metamorphosis was a strikingly handsome man. Rita held her breath as she studied the smooth planes of his beautiful face, the mild flutter of his closed eyes as his eyeballs moved in REM phase sleep and his long, naked body. His body was marvelously sculptured in all the right places, and his front was turned towards her – offering her a sumptuous view of his impressive genitals.

She recognized him as Rust O’Brien, whom she had never met in the flesh.

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