Thursday, November 21, 2013

Giveaway ~ The Alpha's Touch Boxed Set (14 Book Bundle)

The fabulous authors (including me) of this new boxed set are having an awesome giveaway...

The Alpha's Touch Boxed Set (14 Book Bundle)

Only $0.99 for a limited time

Deliciously dominant and wickedly possessive, alpha males are the ultimate lovers. Experience the dark passion of an alpha's touch in this exclusive box set. This collection brings you 14 of the hottest alpha male romance stories ever told! 

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Sunday, November 17, 2013

New Release ~ The Impending Marriage: A Werewolf Romance


Jake Savage and Terry Contralto have been a couple for exactly two months when they get 'the call'. 

It's an unexpected one. 

"Darling, do you remember that silly little traditional shifter ceremony you went through with Tabitha Polson when you were fourteen?" His mother brays with nervous laughter. 'Turns out that it's binding after all." 

No shit. 

Thanks to a clause in shifter laws, Jake must marry the blonde and bimbo-esque Tabitha Polson by January or his father stands to lose his entire fortune, worth almost a million, to Tabitha's Dad. And what about Terry? She is his true mate, the one that he loves - shifter contracts be damned. 

There is only one thing that Jake can do. He and Terry must get a million dollars to bail his Dad out and set Jake free of marrying Tabitha. They must hatch a plan so devious (but law-abiding), so clever, and so fraught with shifting, ever-changing alliances, and physical and emotional perils that the odds of them succeeding are a thousand to one. Or more. 

Will they succeed? 

Just like its predecessor, you will not have read anything like this shifter romance before! Filled with laughter and fuzzy romance, this book is filled with more twists than a pretzel stick. See if you can spot them coming! 


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Friday, November 1, 2013

Wolf Pack 2 - Awesome Prizes & $0.99 Shifter Romances!

Wolf Pack 2 - Awesome Prizes & $0.99 Shifter Romances!

As winter approaches it's time to stock up on steamy romances and for a limited time you can grab 10 scorching hot shifter romance stories forjust $0.99 each!

Check out the following books available from Wolf Pack authors and then scroll down to the bottom of this page where you can participate in our fabulous giveaway!

Prizes AND a full collection of popular werewolf romances! What more could you ask for?! :-)

Georgette St. Clair

Book Title: The Alpha Meets His Match

Adriana Hunter

Book Title: Better Mate Than Never

Aubrey Rose
Book Title: Blind Wolf

Tabitha Conall
Book Title: Harvest Moon

Marian Tee
Book Title: The Demon Duke and I

Lynn Red
Book Title: Change for Me

Dawn Steele
Book Title: The Pretend Marriage: A Werewolf Romance

Eliza Gayle
Book Title: Alpha Wolf Rising

Michelle Fox
Book Title: Blue Moon

Book Title: Shifter Romance Boxed Set

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Monday, October 28, 2013

Billionaire Bad Boys of Romance Box Set & Giveaway

Billionaire Bad Boys of Romance Box Set & Giveaway

Love your book boyfriends filthy rich, devastatingly beautiful & irresistibly bad?

From betrayals and obsessions to secrets and seductions, this exclusive billionaire romance boxed set will possess you and leave you panting for more. Featuring stories from some of today's most popular New York Times, USA Today, Amazon, and Barnes and Noble bestselling authors, including Tawny Taylor, Ava Lore, Selena Kitt, Terry Towers and Anna Antonia.

Grab this sizzling collection before it's too late. Ten scorching billionaire romances, OVER 335,000 total words for ONLY 99 cents! LIMITED TIME ONLY! (REGULAR PRICE: $9.99)

The Billionaire's Muse by Ava Lore: When struggling artist Sadie MacElroy attempts to pay back eccentric billionaire Malcolm Ward for a broken vase, Malcolm decides he wants her: in front of his camera, under his brush, and in his bed.

The CEO and the Girl from the Coffee Shop by Terry Towers: Coffee shop hostess, Beth Wilmington, is shocked when one of her customers, sexy billionaire Gabriel Reynolds, offers her a job as a live-in housekeeper. She takes the job, but fears only trouble can ensue.

Yes, Mr. Collins by Anna Antonia (writing as Charlotte deCorte): Brilliant, yet demanding, billionaire boss Mr. Collins will stop at nothing to get his assistant Natasha Reynolds under this thumb and in his bed.

My Rockstar Billionaire by Amy Aday: Belle travels to an island resort and meets sexy and mysterious Ricky, who won't take no for an answer. Will she learn to trust again and learn his secrets?

Heidi and the Kaiser by Selena Kitt: When wanna-be designer Heidi accidentally stains fashion mogul Warren Kaiser's pants, she gets two things she didn't expect--a spanking and a job.

Gloria's Secret by Nelle L'Amour: Gloria Long, the world's largest retailer of lingerie, succumbs to the charms of billionaire advertising guru Jaime Zander, but her own dark secret threatens her empire, their relationship, and her life.

Make You Mine by Tawny Taylor: To keep her job, Daryl Laroche must find the perfect new client for her employer and the sexy, rich and enigmatic Tevin Page fits the bill. But before he signs the contract, he issues one deliciously tempting demand...

Trapped into a Marriage by Dez Burke: Blackmailed into marriage to rich, gorgeous, Nick Vitale, Keyonna Hayes is determined to teach him a thing or two about love. Soon intrigue, heartbreak, and betrayal ensue, and the two fight to regain a love that was always destined to be theirs.

The Art of Catching a Greek Billionaire by Marian Tee: Schoolteacher Mairi Tanner is not a gold digger, she just knows what she wants her Mr. Right to be--handsome, Greek, and oh, a billionaire, too! Is that so bad?

What He Wants by Tawny Taylor: Billionaire Shane Trant always gets what he wants. He wants Bristol Deatrich, but only complete possession of her mind and body will satisfy him.

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Sunday, October 27, 2013

New Release ~ The Pretend Marriage: A Werewolf Romance

Handsome Jake Savage is a young corporate climber in a world where shifters coexist with humans. He wants nothing more than the promotion he has worked his ass off for. But when he is usurped by an office drone, he is left jobless and desperate. 

Along comes his dream job . . . with one caveat. His new boss-to-be is rumored to favor 'married' employees. As luck would have it, his two closest rivals wear those all-important wedding rings on their fourth fingers. 

"But I have too have a wife! Here she is!" Jake declares, grabbing the only picture of a woman he has on his iPhone: Terry, his hot neighbor, caught in an embarrassing photo position. So now he has to hatch an elaborate scheme to get Terry to pretend to be his wife. The only trouble is Terry really, REALLY hates his guts. 

Terry Contralto has just been dumped by her boyfriend, who stole most of her cash. She's desperate not to be evicted, and even though she's wary of her handsome werewolf neighbor with his strange 'if you agree to be my wife for the weekend, I will give you cash' proposition, she accepts. 

Now they have to survive the weekend retreat organized by Jake's potential new boss, where he will pit the three job candidates against one another in contests that will require cunning, strength, agility, memory, compatibility and a whole lot of shifting. 

Can Jake and Terry first survive each other? And will their 'pretend marriage' ruse actually work? 

You will not have read anything like this shifter romance before! With laughter and romance thrown in for good measure, this is a twist on both the romantic comedy and shifter tropes that is guaranteed to have you feeling fuzzy and warm inside!

"So, Terry," Martha says, "how did you and Jake meet?"

Terry says in a well-rehearsed note, "We met at the library."

Jake clenches his left fist in a gesture of triumph under the table while his right nonchalantly spears a baby potato with his fork. He affects a look of innocence.

"That's a fine meeting place," Martha exclaims. "I met Peter at the library too!"

"No kidding." Terry's smile is plastered.

"Which library would that be?"

Uh oh, Jake thinks.

"Foxhall," he says as Terry simultaneously says, "Briggs".

They both stop to glare at each other.

"Briggs," Jake says as Terry says, "Foxhall".

They glare at each other again.

"It was either one," Jake says. "We can't remember."

"Your memory is always faulty, darling."

"Not always, sweetie."

"Most of the time, darling."

"Libraries are such wonderful meeting places. Hardly anyone meets in libraries these days with Kindles and iPads and gyms and clubs and websites offering everything from dating services to hookups," Peter declares.

Martha says eagerly, "I want to hear every single detail of how you both met. Please . . . tell us."

"Yeah," her daughter, Karina, chimes in. As do the rest of the women at the table with the exception of Mika, who looks bored, and Cassie Hirsch, who looks paler by the second. Jake seriously hopes she is not going into premature labor.

Ugh. He hasn't rehearsed details with Terry.

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Saturday, October 19, 2013

New York Times and USA Today!

Courtesy of the Rock Star Bundle that went on the NYT and USA Today lists, I am now a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author! Thank you all!

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Marooned with the Rock Star (A Crazily Sensual Rock Star Romance)


“I love everything about this book. It's such a breath of fresh air from the current crop of doom and gloom romances” LucyITSWD, Amazon reader

“Love, sex, great storyline is the norm for this author. Highly recommended per usual. Oh and I forgot humor too!” C Mahoney, Amazon reader

“Witty Writing, Biting Humor, Great Story!” Chasmm, Amazon reader

Rebecca Hall is clear about three things in life:
1. Inflation
2. The IRS will get you if you don’t pay your taxes, and
3. The fact that she hates newly minted rock star, Kurt Taylor, to the very depths of his extremely depraved guts.

They have a bad history, yes, but it’s not what anyone thinks. Just when she thinks he’s out of her life for good, she meets him again on a cruise ship to the Bahamas.

But wait. He’s a super-famous rock star, right? Then what the hell is he doing in a cleaning crew’s overalls, pushing around a mop? What has he done to merit such a drastic fall from grace?

All this would be explained in good time, except that a freak thunderstorm at sea throws Rebecca and Kurt overboard, and they have to swim for their lives to a deserted island. It’s one thing to (barely) survive each other, but what other disturbing secrets does the so-called ‘island’ hold for them?

MAROONED WITH THE ROCK STAR is a 181-page full-length rock star romance novel that will make you laugh and cry and weep with the characters. And yes, it is self-contained with a HEA. No cliffhangers or open endings here, I promise.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Wanted by the Alphas (A Sensual Paranornal Shifter Romance Novel)

Shannon is a new girl in a stormy town, trying to pick up the pieces from a mysterious past life.

Just when she thinks she is all set, she meets Lucien Walker - tall, blond, mega-rich and superhot with his scorching blue eyes and flirty charm. She has one night of torrid sex with him and leaves. After all, guys like Lucien never come back for second helpings. Right?

So even though her heart is torn, Shannon walks away, expecting never to see him again.

Then she meets Dr. Kirk Fitzpatrick - extremely handsome, harried, beyond kind in that 'I have to save the Pacific Northwest' manner. Only problem is that he is also her new boss. But she can't help finding him wonderfully attractive, and apparently, the feeling is mutual even though he is fighting his personal ethics to date an employee.

Then Lucien calls. He can't get her out of his head. It's a first for him.


But a storm is brewing in the town between the old clans. One of Shannon's suitors is a powerful witch, and the other, the powerful alpha shapeshifter of his pack. Both are at war, and both will make her the ultimate prize.

In this kind of war, there can only be one victor.

WANTED BY THE ALPHAS is a standalone, extremely sexy, paranormal shifter novel.
WARNING: There is a threesome in here, but the mysterious circumstances leading to it are not what you think. You will just have to read it to find out!

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Burn 3



The clock to Devon's murder trial date is ticking. Not convinced the NYPD has their best interests at heart, he and Abby attempt to find the real murderer before Devon can be convicted.

But the clues on their path are often vague. Who would want to kill Rachel Krieg, Abby's former boss and Devon's sex client? Her slimy younger brother? Her obsessive ex-boyfriend? The mysterious man who calls on her for sex occasionally, and who also happens to have the hots for Devon's ass?

Then Abby gets unexpected visitors from her hometown who intend to punish her severely for her past.

BURN 3 is the third book in the BURN sensual New Adult series. It is approximately 30,000 words. This book will resolve Rachel Krieg's murder, but is by no means the last in the series.

Burn 2
Burn 3
Mandingo steers Devon to a room inside the club. There is a bed and a lamp on a side table but little else in the small space except for a chest of drawers. The room is clearly meant to be utilized as a temporary fuck pad.

“I can walk,” Devon says hoarsely.

He refuses to let his dignity be taken down by this vicious dom. I am here for a purpose.

“Then get on the bed,” Mandingo commands.

Devon’s spirits sink. How low do you want me to go? he wonders.

“Why?” he says.

“Why else do you think?” There is an edge in Mandingo’s voice.

“You paid me then,” Devon says. He finds himself thinking of the foursome they had in Rachel’s apartment, back when everyone was alive. “You’re not paying me now.”

“Oh, but I am. This isn’t over. You’ll have to work for your information, pretty boy. Get on the bed. On your stomach.”

Devon closes his eyes for a moment, and opens them again. He grits his jaw.

I can do this.

But what if he is playing you? What if he doesn’t have any real information and he just wants to plumb your ass?

What if he is the killer and he is just toying with you like a cat toys with a mouse before it eats it?

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Burn 2

Praise for 'Burn':

"It's rare to find a book that lives up to its name. Steele concocts some awesomely colorful characters, and not just hero and heroine. I truly felt something for everyone in this story, whether it was empathy and hope, or mad hatred."          Desuvius

"I loved the relationship that these two form, and I am itching to find out what secrets Abby is hiding."                                                            Brittany


Abby Holt's world is falling apart. Her boyfriend, Devon, has been charged with the murder of his sex client, who also happens to be her boss at the ceramic store.

As Devon is jailed for a crime he insists he did not commit, Abby has to confront her personal secrets to acquire the money to post bail. Then an unexpected visitor shows up, turning their world upside down.

BURN 2 is the sequel to BURN, a very sensual New Adult romance. It is approximately 34,000 words. It contains delicious twists and turns in the story of an unusual relationship between a runaway heiress and an artist who moonlights as a male prostitute.
Burn 2


"So you saw her when she was very much alive?"

"Yes, she was."

Devon stops to recollect his thoughts. Pat watches his face carefully. Rachel Krieg's body is at the coroner's now, and they soon would have her time of death.

Devon goes on, "She was dressed in a mauve silk robe. She told me to come in. I did. I headed for the playroom, as I always do, undressing as I walked."

"Was anyone else in the apartment?"

"Not that I know of."

"Are you sure?"

He pauses to contemplate this. "Yes, very."

"What happened next?"

His Adam's apple moves like a mouse down his long throat. He has a very graceful neck, she notices.

"She asked me to enter the playroom. And so I did. I was naked by then."

"Completely naked?"

"Yes, I believe so."

"Are you sure?"

"What difference does it make whether or not I'm completely naked?"

Pat regards his stormy green eyes. "Because the police found a bracelet on the floor of the corridor outside the playroom. It is made out of little shells. Is it yours?"

He flinches for a moment. His complexion goes deathly pale.

"Yes," he whispers.

Sunday, May 19, 2013





Beautiful Snow White does not think her own beauty transcends her love of studying insects. But her bipolar stepmother begs to differ. When the Queen sends her studly Huntsman to kill her, Snow White must outwit him and every assassin, city guard and robber baron sent to bring her back, preferably dead, before she reaches Lapland.

Young Aein is a one-winged cripple from another world. Passionate, headstrong, and considered hideous in his gossamer, aerial world, he needs to prove to his family that flight and beauty are overrated.

He gets his one chance when he is selected to go to Snow White’s world – appearing as a phenomenally handsome human youth, the antithesis of what he really is. His mission: to pave our world for colonization and, later . . . annihilation.

The first native he stumbles upon is the fugitive Snow White.

FORBIDDEN is a 76,000-word full length, NEW ADULT paranormal romance novel.
Clothing him was trickier than she thought. She held up her coat. The sleeves could be tied around his waist like an apron and the rest of it could be used to shield . . . well, whatever.

“This is the best I can do for a loincloth,” she said. “You’re not cold, are you, Aein?”

“Loincloth?” He pronounced it as though it were a suspicious type of medicine.

“It’s for . . . you know.” Helplessly, she waved it before his genitals.

He took it from her, frowning. “But I have never covered myself.”

“Not even once?” she said. He must come from some place seriously liberal. Hanna Cherry would have a fit to know she was talking to a naked man and discussing his state of undress as though it were an entomology dissertation.


“Well,” she said firmly, “you’ll have to cover yourself in these parts. It’s the rules, or you’ll be hung for indecency.” Not really, but that would put a spur into him. “This will do until we get you new clothes. Or unless you trap a bear and skin yourself a new coat.”
Don’t expect me to trap one for you, she didn’t say, thinking of the rabbits.

“Are you going to hang me?” he said.

She was taken aback. “No.”

“Then I am not going to wear that loincloth. There are only two of us, and as you do not wish to hang me for indecency just yet, I will remain as I am.”

She was flummoxed. So he was going to parade himself naked in front of her while they traipsed through the woods? Wait . . . he wasn’t intending to have his way with her, was he? The idea of it sent a warm flush down her neck. She clasped the knife by her side to reassure herself. No one was going to have her way with her unless she dictated it, so there.

“Fine.” She sniffed, turning away from him.

Friday, April 26, 2013



Abby Holt is running from a past she does not intend to divulge to anyone, not even the young man she would come to love, the outrageously stunning 21-year-old Devon Fisher.

When she shows up at a doorstep in New York City on a rainy night, destitute and bleeding and wearing burn marks on her hands, Devon takes her in. He nurses, clothes and feeds her in a turn of events that would change their lives forever.

But Devon, an artist by day, is a hustler by night to make ends meet. His clientele is diverse and very rich. Some of them can even be cruel, as evidenced by the marks on his beautiful body.

As Abby is swept up in Devon's unpredictable world, a tragedy strikes that neither of them could have foreseen.

BURN is the first volume in an explosive and very sensual New Adult romance series. It is approximately 28,000 words. Abby and Devon will not get their 'Happily Ever After' at the end of this novella, but their story and the shocking twist at the end will be continued in BURN 2.

WARNING: There is plenty of sexually explicit content in this New Adult novella. Do not read if you are squeamish about themes of bondage, domination, spanking and sex with multiple partners.

Devon creeps in at about four in the morning. Abby is already asleep, but she is a light sleeper and she awakes as soon as he closes the main door with a sharp click.

She doesn't say anything as he enters the bedroom. She can see his silhouette against the backdrop of the window. He is breathing rapidly and looking at her as she lies there in his bed, pretending to sleep.

He gazes at her for a long, long time. Then he moves noiselessly to the attached bathroom and closes the door behind him. She can see the slat of light coming on beneath the door. She listens for the sounds of a shower being turned on, but there is none.

He is in there for an unusually long time. There is no sound of a toilet flush or running water or anything associated with someone being in a bathroom. She sits up in his bed, unable to go back to sleep. She's worried about him. Is he all right?

"Devon?" she calls softly.

Of course, the bathroom door is shut and he may be unable to hear her.

She gets out of bed. She is in one of the long T-shirts he has bought for her earlier that she now uses as a nightgown. Her feet are bare, but the bedroom is carpeted. She pads to the bathroom door and presses her ear against it.

"Devon?" she calls again.

When there is no answer, she turns the doorknob slowly. It rotates without meeting resistance. She pushes open the door, and winces when the hinges creak painfully.

Devon is slumped in the bathtub. His mouth is open and his eyes are shut, and he is snoring slightly. His head rests against the rim and his long legs are folded. He is shirtless, and the shower is not on. His body is twisted slightly so that she can see his back.

What she sees makes her gasp.

His pale back is crisscrossed with angry red striations, as though someone has repeatedly beaten him with a stick. An opened jar of emollient cream lies beside the bathtub. He has obviously been trying to apply it to his injuries.

Has he been beset by muggers, just as she has?

"Devon?" She shakes his arm gently. "Devon?"

"Wh-what?" he splutters and opens his sleep-encrusted eyes. For a moment, he cringes when he sees her, and then he remembers where he is and relaxes. "I must have fallen asleep. Did I wake you?"

"Devon, what happened to you?'" She indicates his back. "Did someone hurt you? Were you mugged?"

"Mugged?" He looks startled. "No. I wasn't mugged." He seems uneasy now that she has seen his back.

"What happened then?" she insists.