Thursday, March 27, 2014

New Release ~ The Alpha Men's Secret Club

My eyes adored you.

For a while, it seemed that was all plus-sized Kate Penney would ever do to her strikingly handsome, extremely enigmatic and unknowable college Professor, Rust O’Brien. She can only admire him from the darkness of a crowded lecture hall, steeped in the knowledge that he would never, ever look at someone like her.

And why should he, right? First of all, she is a student. Second, she is far from being the tall, willowy blonde most guys seem to prefer.

Then her best friend, Michaela, chances upon a secret fraternity the Professor appears to part of: THE ALPHA MEN’S CLUB.

On first glance, the club simply doesn’t exist. Then Kate trails Rust O’Brien to this club one night. What she encounters is a scorchingly hot adventure of domination, mystery and alpha males who all seem to want only two things: her body and her absolute surrender.

This is a standalone 18,000 word paranormal romance novella.

He stared at her flushed face. Her breasts. Belatedly, she tried to tuck them into her bra cups, but it wasn’t easy. The cups were too small and even Rita had required some expertise to ease her large tits into them.

“Don’t bother doing that,” he said.

Her trembling hands paused. What did he mean, exactly?

He took two strides towards her. She tensed. She should be afraid of him, really. He was so intense, and he was a shapeshifter. He was an exotic paranormal being. She should run out of here and never look back, and yet . . . she was strangely excited. More excited than she had ever been in her brief life.

Her pussy clenched, contracting painfully. Contracting with want, with need.

He seized her arms. Her breasts heaved. Oh, she so badly wanted him to touch them. He did not disappoint her. He grabbed them – those sleek, big globes of flesh. His grip was painful, and so tears came into her eyes. He was touching her – her Professor. The man she desired more than anyone else in the world. She was elated, exhilarated, terrified and in the height of anticipation all at the same time.

She could only stare into his lovely green eyes as his hands kneaded her breasts, tweaked her nipples. Blood rushed into her areolas, giving them a red tinge.

“Is this want you want?” Hs voice was still harsh. There was glittering desire in his eyes, nevertheless. And conflict. Why was he conflicted? Because she was his student?

Did he even know who she was – the wallflower who stood in the fringes of his crowd, who never said a word? She was confused and unsure. His words suggested he had an inkling of who she was, and yet, she still wasn’t sure. She could only play this out.

“Y-yes,” she gasped.

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Monday, March 17, 2014

New Release ~ Strange Moon Part Two


“Oh, wow! This book had me on the edge of my seat. I didn't know what was going to happen next. And the twist at the end has me hungering for book two!!” June Le Claire, Amazon

“I couldn't stop reading to the end and just when I started to think I had the story figured out, a twist throws me back in the dark.” Terry, Amazon

“The author brilliantly crafted a story that was mysterious and kept up a level of suspense and intrigue that had me madly turning the pages. The developing romance between the main characters was very well done.” Lexi, Amazon


The threats to them have been made real. Ada and Dylan wake up in their beds with ropes around their wrists and no memory of what happened the previous night – just like all the other victims of Sonequa, that strange little town where time stands still.

But Ada’s self-confidence has been shaken after the ‘attack’. She has always been a strong woman, and now . . . she isn’t so sure. She has a sudden fear of intimacy with Dylan, and it is too soon into their newfound relationship to weather that. To top it off, she has just lost her job due to her failure to return within her crazy boss’s stipulated time.

Her world is crashing down around her.

Unless . . . she does something about it, together with Dylan, and finds the man or men who did this to them.

This 33,000-word paranormal romantic suspense mystery is Part Two, which is the final part of ‘Strange Moon’.

Strange Moon: Part One
Strange Moon: Part Two (complete)

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