Beautiful Snow White does not think her own beauty transcends her love of studying insects. But her bipolar stepmother begs to differ. When the Queen sends her studly Huntsman to kill her, Snow White must outwit him and every assassin, city guard and robber baron sent to bring her back, preferably dead, before she reaches Lapland.

Young Aein is a one-winged cripple from another world. Passionate, headstrong, and considered hideous in his gossamer, aerial world, he needs to prove to his family that flight and beauty are overrated.

He gets his one chance when he is selected to go to Snow White's world - appearing as a phenomenally handsome human youth, the antithesis of what he really is. His mission: to pave our world for colonization and, later . . . annihilation.

The first native he stumbles upon is the fugitive Snow White.

FORBIDDEN is a 76,000-word full length, NEW ADULT paranormal romance novel.

Excerpt ~

Clothing him was trickier than she thought. She held up her coat. The sleeves could be tied around his waist like an apron and the rest of it could be used to shield . . . well, whatever.

"This is the best I can do for a loincloth," she said. "You're not cold, are you, Aein?"

"Loincloth?" He pronounced it as though it were a suspicious type of medicine.

"It's for . . . you know." Helplessly, she waved it before his genitals.

He took it from her, frowning. "But I have never covered myself."

"Not even once?" she said. He must come from some place seriously liberal. Hanna Cherry would have a fit to know she was talking to a naked man and discussing his state of undress as though it were an entomology dissertation.


"Well," she said firmly, "you'll have to cover yourself in these parts. It's the rules, or you'll be hung for indecency." Not really, but that would put a spur into him. "This will do until we get you new clothes. Or unless you trap a bear and skin yourself a new coat." Don't expect me to trap one for you, she didn't say, thinking of the rabbits.

"Are you going to hang me?" he said.

She was taken aback. "No."

"Then I am not going to wear that loincloth. There are only two of us, and as you do not wish to hang me for indecency just yet, I will remain as I am."

She was flummoxed. So he was going to parade himself naked in front of her while they traipsed through the woods? Wait . . . he wasn't intending to have his way with her, was he? The idea of it sent a warm flush down her neck. She clasped the knife by her side to reassure herself. No one was going to have her way with her unless she dictated it, so there.

"Fine." She sniffed, turning away from him.

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