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“I wouldn’t have sex with you if you were the last man on Earth.”

That’s what larger-than-life Felicity Marks would like to say to her hated college rival, Oliver Greene, if he had even noticed she was a woman in the first place. But Oliver is tall, brilliant and gorgeous with killer abs and blue eyes to die for. Guys like him don’t go for girls like her, except to ridicule.

Then it literally happens. The world as they know it literally goes to shit. A pandemic spreads, turning everyone they know into corpses or mutants. For reasons unknown to them, they are the last man and woman left standing. Or are they?

The trouble with being the last woman on Earth is that every male left alive now wants to mate with her. Felicity is thrust into the unenviable position of suddenly being the most fought over female on the planet. Unfortunately, her suitors are alpha and feral and not fully human.

Then there’s Oliver, whom she doesn’t hate quite so much anymore. Ditto for him. Can they surmount their obstacles together and will he defend her against all odds?

THE ALPHA MATING GAME is a standalone book which follows the culmination of events in THE ALPHA DATING GAME. However, you can read it on its own without reading the latter.

Oliver turned a tap on in a sink and bent over to splash his face.

Felicity said, “Excuse me, you’re still in the wrong toilet.”

“Chill, OK? I’m leaving.”

“Well, leave faster.”

“Don’t get your panties in a twist. You know what your problem is, Marks?” Oliver’s skin was still glowing from a post-orgasmic flush.

“My intuition says you’re about to tell me.”

“You’re not getting laid yourself, and so you come down hard on people who actually do get laid.”

Felicity’s jaw dropped. “Excuse me? I’m not the one getting banged in a toilet, which is frankly disgusting, if you ask me.”

“As if that will ever happen to you.”

“And I’m not the one banging somebody else’s girlfriend. If anyone has issues here, it isn’t me.”

“I don’t have any issues.”

“Oh, I think you do, Greene. I think you have issues when you lost out to me every year for the past three consecutive years. I think your ego is dented.”

“I don’t have to try as hard as you do, Marks,” he said mildly. “I don’t have to spend all my time burying my nose in books because I don’t have to.”

“Says the one who came in second best.”

“Oh, really? We’ll see who aces the year when it’s through.”

“You’re on.”

“It’s a bet then. What will you be giving to me when I come in top at the end of the semester?” Oliver flashed his trademark heavenly smile.

“You better think of what you’re going give me.”

“I will, and it sure ain’t the fuck that you’ve been craving from me. A thousand dollars.” Oliver wiped his hands on a paper towel. “You game for it, Marks?”

A thousand dollars? She didn’t have a thousand dollars. Still –

“You’re on,” she said with more bravado than she felt.

I will win this.

“Great,” he said. “And now if you’ll excuse me, I have a life to go back to. Unlike some people we know.”

She refused to retort to that, and so she could only glower as he walked out of the door. After a moment’s hesitation, she grabbed her bag and left too.

She caught up with him at the elevators. The elevator doors were just opening when she ran up. He glanced at her and then entered. At first, she debated whether or not to wait for the next cab. But then she decided that she was not going to let her dislike for him dictate her life.

So she entered the elevator with him. He pressed the lowermost button.

“Miss me already?” he said.

“You wish.”

“How many tables do you have to wipe to tote that thousand dollars up, do you think, Marks?”

“Not at all of us are born rich and conceited, unfortunately.”

“You think I’m rich?”

“Yeah. The way you flaunt it, anyone would think you’re rich.”

They had four floors to go because the chemistry library was on the top floor. Just then, the elevator shuddered and stopped abruptly. Felicity almost lost her balance. She grabbed the wall.

“Woah,” Oliver said. He was juddered off his feet too.

She looked up at the display. They were stopped at the third floor. Or maybe it was somewhere between the third and fourth.

Now great. She was stuck in an elevator with Oliver Greene.

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