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The Alpha Men's Secret Club 3: Fallout

The Alpha Men's Secret Club 3: Fallout
So close and yet so far.

 Rust O’Brien – esteemed Professor, secret sex god – is in trouble. He has been accused of violating the terms of his employment by having sex with a college student.

 Dismissed and disgraced, Rust returns to his home in New York. But what of innocent Kate Penney, who loves him more than she can ever love anyone? Bereft and desperate, she goes after him. But does he love her the way she loves him? And can he control his blood lust for her which simmers under his flesh – a lust that goes beyond the merely sexual?

 Unbeknownst to them, other factors and jealousies are at play. The shifter Gathering in New York looms, Rust’s old lover returns, and a new suitor plays for Kate’s hand. There is only one thing certain – that everything will all play out unexpectedly and devastatingly for all concerned.

 WARNING: This story ends in a cliffhanger.


The Alpha Men’s Secret Club
The Alpha Men’s Secret Club 2: Desire Games
The Alpha Men’s Secret Club 3: Fallout


Kate clung to Rust, feeling out of her depth.

“Take off your shoes,” he said.


“Take them off. Feel the power of the land through the soles of your feet.”

To demonstrate, he took off his shoes and threw them into some shrubs. After a beat, she followed. He was right. She could feel something thrumming on the soles of her feet. She looked up at him, her face shining.

He smiled down at her, and she caught the expression of undisguised hunger in his eyes again. Could he desire her so much? she marveled. Out of the corner of her eye, she could see some of the guests disrobing. They were all wearing as much – or as little – as she was wearing underneath her coat.

“This is when you shed all your inhibitions,” Rust said, his fingers at his shirt buttons.

He undressed slowly, letting her take in his gleaming body. She would never tire of watching him undress – that slow revelation of silky skin encasing taut muscles. His nipples were very erect. As was his thick cock.

He was now completely naked. Unadorned. With not even a single decoration or accoutrement to enhance his glorious body. Not that he needed any. He was magnificent as he was.

She wondered if she was allowed to touch him.

“Just follow my lead, Kate,” he said, sliding the mink coat off her shoulders.

The sensuous fur caressed her bare skin as it dropped to her ankles. The sudden chill struck her skin and gave her instant goose bumps. She stepped out of the heap, feeling very naked, feeling as though all eyes were on her. But of course, they were not. The guests were in the throes of their own revelry.

Rust’s eyes burned as he took in her curves, which were enhanced – not hidden – by the coy strings of her micro-bikini. He took in her plump and erect nipples, her ample breasts, the way her engorged pussy lips were encircled by the tight straps. His hands trailed down her shoulders, her arms, her waist. He stroked the mounds of her breasts and scissored her nipples in between his thumbs and forefingers.
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