Saturday, September 28, 2013

Marooned with the Rock Star (A Crazily Sensual Rock Star Romance)


“I love everything about this book. It's such a breath of fresh air from the current crop of doom and gloom romances” LucyITSWD, Amazon reader

“Love, sex, great storyline is the norm for this author. Highly recommended per usual. Oh and I forgot humor too!” C Mahoney, Amazon reader

“Witty Writing, Biting Humor, Great Story!” Chasmm, Amazon reader

Rebecca Hall is clear about three things in life:
1. Inflation
2. The IRS will get you if you don’t pay your taxes, and
3. The fact that she hates newly minted rock star, Kurt Taylor, to the very depths of his extremely depraved guts.

They have a bad history, yes, but it’s not what anyone thinks. Just when she thinks he’s out of her life for good, she meets him again on a cruise ship to the Bahamas.

But wait. He’s a super-famous rock star, right? Then what the hell is he doing in a cleaning crew’s overalls, pushing around a mop? What has he done to merit such a drastic fall from grace?

All this would be explained in good time, except that a freak thunderstorm at sea throws Rebecca and Kurt overboard, and they have to swim for their lives to a deserted island. It’s one thing to (barely) survive each other, but what other disturbing secrets does the so-called ‘island’ hold for them?

MAROONED WITH THE ROCK STAR is a 181-page full-length rock star romance novel that will make you laugh and cry and weep with the characters. And yes, it is self-contained with a HEA. No cliffhangers or open endings here, I promise.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Wanted by the Alphas (A Sensual Paranornal Shifter Romance Novel)

Shannon is a new girl in a stormy town, trying to pick up the pieces from a mysterious past life.

Just when she thinks she is all set, she meets Lucien Walker - tall, blond, mega-rich and superhot with his scorching blue eyes and flirty charm. She has one night of torrid sex with him and leaves. After all, guys like Lucien never come back for second helpings. Right?

So even though her heart is torn, Shannon walks away, expecting never to see him again.

Then she meets Dr. Kirk Fitzpatrick - extremely handsome, harried, beyond kind in that 'I have to save the Pacific Northwest' manner. Only problem is that he is also her new boss. But she can't help finding him wonderfully attractive, and apparently, the feeling is mutual even though he is fighting his personal ethics to date an employee.

Then Lucien calls. He can't get her out of his head. It's a first for him.


But a storm is brewing in the town between the old clans. One of Shannon's suitors is a powerful witch, and the other, the powerful alpha shapeshifter of his pack. Both are at war, and both will make her the ultimate prize.

In this kind of war, there can only be one victor.

WANTED BY THE ALPHAS is a standalone, extremely sexy, paranormal shifter novel.
WARNING: There is a threesome in here, but the mysterious circumstances leading to it are not what you think. You will just have to read it to find out!