Thursday, January 9, 2014

New Release ~ The Alpha Dating Game

All Jessica Dent wants is for someone to love her the way she is – every luscious ounce of her big, beautiful frame, the way her super-thin best friend, Lyla, seems to love her. But the college boys are picky and unkind.

Then Lyla registers Jessica on a website called BIG BEAUTIFUL DATING. Jessica is terrified, until she gets ONE response: from gorgeous, too-good-to-be-true Kyle. It’s impossible to the low self-esteemed Jessica that he seems to want her, but he does!

Handsome Kyle is poised to take over his father one day as the Alpha of his proud werebear clan. But he must prove himself first by selecting and indoctrinating an innocent Rubenesque girl into the most sacred of his clan’s rituals. It is a mysterious, erotic and yet deadly ritual which must be performed or the repercussions will be dire.

But Kyle is rapidly falling in love with the radiant Jessica, who has been marked by his father. He must now make an awful choice: Jessica, or the continuation of everything his family holds dear.

This is a complete novel without cliffhangers!

Kyle made sure he arrived early at Spago’s. He had booked a private table for two which was nestled to the side, overlooking the garden. Very romantic. It was lit by a single fat candle in glass cup and decked with white napkins folded in the shapes of swans.

He kept looking at the entrance. Some irrational core of him hoped she wouldn’t show up. Couple after well-dressed couple came in were shown their tables by the effusive hostess, who now and then glanced over at him. She was checking him out, he knew. He grimaced. He had that effect on women and not all of it was welcome.

Then at eight sharp, Jessica Dent showed up. He recognized her immediately from her photo. Only now he was even more stunned.

She was gorgeous.

Her black dress was the type which flowed over and caressed her body in feminine swirls. And yes, she wasn’t the type of girl Sports Illustrated would feature on their swimwear edition, but too many people in this world had the wrong feminine ideal of a perfect woman. He was thankfully not one of them.

The hostess seemed surprised when she asked for his name. She glanced over and then back again as she gathered two menus. Kyle stood up as the hostess made her way over with Jessica, who seemed nervous. His own pulse was rising.

I can do this.

When they were within earshot, he smiled broadly and held his hand out.

“Hi, I’m Kyle.”

“Hi. I’m Jessica.”

She appeared quite flustered to see him. And also surprised. She probably didn’t expect him to match his photo profile. What was the point of lying about these things, right? You’d only be exposed on the first minute of your first date.

Her hand was quite cool when she took his. Still, he felt a little electric tingle from her touch and a very strong sexual charge which she probably was not aware she was giving off. He was pleasantly surprised. He didn’t expect this type of reaction from his own body.

He found that he could not take his eyes off her. Nor she him. In the periphery of his vision, he saw the hostess walk away in a polite huff.

Her eyes. They were swimming with swirls of color and emotion. He thought he could read hesitancy and hope and angst and delight all simmering within. Or maybe it was because he had underestimated his reaction to her. But they were lovely eyes. Beyond lovely, in fact. They were the type of eyes he could drown in forever.

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